If you were faced with making an ethical choice that could affect your career, would you speak up?

Speaking up as a trainee solicitor

If you witnessed potential misconduct in your firm, would you have the necessary skills to manage the situation?

The Law Society’s free interactive scenario will talk you through a hypothetical situation, providing practical advice and support as you watch how their ‘on screen’ trainee navigates this dilemma. You will learn about taking the right action ethically and gain useful information about support mechanisms in stressful circumstances.

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Part of our suite of ethical scenarios

If you are looking for a fresh approach to grappling with ethical issues, why not try the Law Society’s suite of interactive scenarios on their new eLearning platform - the Professional Development Centre?

There are now five scenarios live on the Centre, each exploring a different ethical dilemma, which could (and sometimes do) arise for solicitors in practice.

The scenarios are absolutely free for all users and are a great learning tool.