The Law Society wants to hear from Section Members about what you want from your professional association.

The legal profession is changing: funding cuts, changes in regulation and changing technology are just some of the issues faced.

The Law Society needs to change to support the profession so we have started the Law Society 2020 discussion.

We are asking current and future members a chance to tell us how we can best represent, support and promote their practice and the profession in future years. We want to be clearer about what we can do for you, for your work and for the profession. We want to focus our support, products and services in ways which make sense to members and we want to develop more relevant communications for them too.

To develop our new strategy, we want to think about questions on:

Legal education

  • How can we encourage the best people to become solicitors?
  • How can we support your career aspirations?
  • Should TLS offer specialist titles post-qualification, like in medicine?
  • How can we help you compete with other legal practitioners?

Lobbying and influencing

  • Are there any other priority areas you’d like us to represent you on?
  • Does TLS have a remit to lobby on issues for the public interest?

Solicitor brand

  • If solicitors were a brand, what popular brand would they be?
  • How important is the title of solicitor when choosing a legal adviser?
  • What is the Unique Selling Point of solicitors?

The future of legal services

  • Where do you see yourself practising in 2020?
  • What challenges do traditional law firm models face in the future?
  • What new types of client/areas of law will there be in the future?
  • How can the legal system serve people who cannot afford a solicitor?
  • What innovation helps to improve the delivery of legal services?
  • What does the election result mean for solicitors and the rule of law?

What members want

  • What are your individual career challenges in the next year? In the next five years?
  • How can TLS support you in those challenges?


  • What is not working well for your employer in the current regulatory regime?
  • Are there other regulatory approaches that you would consider more appropriate?
  • To what extent are you clear about the SRA’s expectations when it comes to compliance?

How you can take part

We need our members’ views about the future of the profession and what they want from the Law Society. The decisions your views help to shape now will influence your Law Society and the profession.

All of this input will help us develop our new strategy and put our members at the heart of what we do .

What next

From April to June we will be holding conversations on these questions with members at our events, writing articles and having themed discussions on social media at specific times

Council will agree the way forward in October and the strategy will be launched in November 2015.