IEL and ANADE are hosting the 4th Conference entitled “The New Energy Legal Framework in Mexico: Lessons Learned and Way Forward” on the 25-26 August 2016 in Mexico City.

The conference will look at the new energy legal framework in Mexico and will analyse progress in its implementation in the country.

The program will explore the successes and challenges of the energy reform in Mexico, the legal and practical issues of its implementation, and upcoming opportunities in the upstream, midstream, downstream, electricity and alternative energies, drawing upon the experience of lawyers, business people and government officials involved in the Mexican energy reform. 

The programme will vary among a range of topics, including the new natural gas and electricity markets in Mexico, and will explore infrastructures and joint ventures in the energy sector together with the financial aspcets of energy projects in the country. A key panel will also look at key environmental and maritime issues in the offshore oil & gas projects.

The conference will represent an opportunity for professionals to learn more about the new energy market in Mexico and to meet and network with specilists in this area. 

Discounts for members of The Law Society are available. For more information and for registering to the conference, please visit ANADE’s website.