Bolton Junior Lawyers Division

Region: Greater Manchester, Lancashire

The Bolton JLD provides a social and support network for trainees and young solicitors. We hold monthly events including quizzes and days out, and there is an annual ball.

Membership fee:£10 per year (free to members of Bolton Law Society)
Contact: Tazim Ahmedabadi
Telephone number: 01204 368060
Membership: Trainees, NQs

Cheshire and North Wales Junior Lawyers Division

Region: Cheshire, Wales
Catchment area: Cheshire and North Wales
Contact: Sarah Roberts, Sarah Loan

Cumbria Junior Lawyers Division

Region: Cumbria

The Cumbria JLD provides a social and support network for legal professionals, trainees and young solicitors. We hold monthly events including quizzes and days out, and there is an annual ball.

Hannah Smith (Trainee solicitor - Bendles, Carlisle)
Bethany Randerson (Legal adviser - Butterworths, Carlisle)

Social media and marketing
Hennah Abbas (Trainee solicitor - Butterworths, Carlisle)

Membership fee:£5 per year
Facebook:JLD Cumbria
Membership: Legal professionals, Trainees, NQs

Manchester Trainee Solicitors Group (MTSG)

Region: Greater Manchester

MTSG looks after the interests of trainee solicitors, newly qualifieds, legal apprentices, law students and paralegals in Greater Manchester and provides assistance with socialising, networking, jobs and education.

There are opportunities to join in education, networking and social events throughout the year.

MTSG has over 500 members from firms and businesses of all types and sizes throughout Greater Manchester.

Highlights of the calendar include the Christmas and Summer balls, monthly networking events at city centre venues, mentoring opportunities, education workshops and various careers evenings for students and trainees.

When you join, you’ll be added to a mailing list to receive details of upcoming events, and you can also find further information on the MTSG website.

Committee elections take place in June each year.

Membership: aspiring lawyers, solicitor apprentices, paralegals, future trainees, trainees, pupil barristers, NQs
Membership fee: £55 for trainees (two years), £35 for trainees (one year), £40 for NQs (one year), £20 for paralegals (one year) and solicitor apprentices (one year)
Contact: Shez Anjum (chair), Clare Oliver (JLD national representative)  

Connect with us on LinkedIn – search for ‘Manchester Trainee Solicitors Group’
Follow us on Twitter (@mcrtsg)
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Manchester Young Solicitors Group

Region: Greater Manchester
Catchment area: Greater Manchester

The Manchester Young Solicitors Group (MYSG) is a free membership organisation for solicitors of up to 10 years’ PQE in the Greater Manchester area, providing social, networking, training and corporate responsibility opportunities for its members through its links across legal, financial, accountancy and other professional sectors.

With the kind help of sponsors, MYSG organise drinks evenings, seminars and other events, giving members a chance to expand both their social and professional horizons.

The MYSG does not have yearly elections. The Chairman is elected from and by the Committee, and vacancies appear on an ad hoc basis with candidates considered by the Committee based on their contribution to the society. If you are interested in joining the Committee, please attend one of our events and speak to one of our Committee members.

A full list of the Committee is available on the MYSG website.

Contact: Matthew Flanagan - chair
Ruth Thomas - JLD representative
LinkedIn: Manchester Young Solicitors Group
Facebook:Manchester Young Solicitors Group
Membership: NQs and solicitors
Membership fee: Free

Merseyside Junior Lawyers Division

Region: Merseyside

The Merseyside JLD is an independent association affiliated to the National JLD. It strives to provide an educational and professional support network for young lawyers in the Merseyside region and is equipped to represent the views and opinions of its members on a national level.

As a committee, the Merseyside JLD provides a wide range of services, including networking opportunities through its social and sporting events, educational talks and seminars, work experience, charity fundraising and an annual ball.

With the help of sponsors many of the Merseyside JLD events are free of charge and provide a fantastic opportunity for junior lawyers to become involved in the wider Merseyside legal community. The Merseyside JLD encourages members, irrespective of age or qualification status, to participate in all that it has to offer.

Visit the website to see a full list of committee members

Membership fee: None
Contact: Jenny Nash - national rep
Membership: students, trainees, NQs, solicitors

Preston Junior Lawyers Division

Region: Preston, Lancashire

The Preston JLD creates opportunities for socialising and networking for students, trainees and young solicitors. It aims to help support young lawyers in Preston and grow relationships in our legal community.

The group is run by four committee members and junior lawyers benefit from networking, CPD events and skills workshops.

Membership to the group is free and you join by emailing.

President: Ummeya Zaka
Vice president: Charlotte Hurst
Secretary: Emma Jane Darley
JLD national committee rep: Ummeya Zaka
Treasurer: Dorota Estkowska
Event/education officers: Stephen Moon/Matthew Knights

Membership fee: None
Membership: students, trainees, NQs and solicitors up to five years’ PQE
Contact: Ummeya Zaka - president, Charlotte Hurst - vice president