Ayşe Bingöl Demir, an attorney at law based in Istanbul shares her views and experiences of the dire situation lawyers are currently faced with in Turkey

On January 27 2015, Turkey underwent its second Universal Periodic Review of the United Nations Human Rights Council in Geneva. The Law Society alongside Lawyers for Lawyers in the Netherlands took this opportunity to hold a joint event at the United Nations to raise awareness of the dire situation lawyers and journalists continue to face. 

Ayşe Bingöl Demir (pictured below), an attorney at law based in Istanbul/Turkey joined our panel and addressed the issues lawyers are faced with including her recommendations on what should be done to address these very real issues. 

Please see below for Ayşe’s biography and please find her paper attached.

Ayşe Bingöl Demir is an attorney at law based in Istanbul/Turkey. During her study at Istanbul University Faculty of Law, she developed a special interest in Human Rights Law, Criminal Law and Administrative Law. She started her career in 2002 focusing on human rights cases and brought numerous cases before the European Court of Human Rights. She also represented a number of internally displaced persons before ‘Local Damage Assessment Commissions’ and Administrative Courts. In 2011, Ayşe received her LLM degree in Human Rights Law from Queen Mary University of London.

Ayse has published numerous research papers in professional reviews on human rights issues and is currently running her own legal practise, collaborating with many NGOs in TurkeyShe is a member of Savunmaya Özgürlük Platformu (Platform for a Free Defence) established for promotion of lawyers’ rights and board member of Toplum ve Hukuk Araştırmaları Vakfı (Foundation for Society and Legal Studies).

Ayse Bingöl Demir