The Law Society is concerned about the arrest and enforced disappearance of Mohamed El-Baqer, a human rights lawyer and Director of Adalah Centre for Rights and Freedoms. Mohamed El-Baqer was arrested at the State Security Prosecution premises on 29 September whilst he was meeting with his client, Alaa Abdel Fattah, who was also arrested earlier that day.

Mohamed El-Baqer

While he has been held in pre-trial detention in the maximum security wing 2 of Tora Prison he has been denied private meetings with his attorney and has been subject to ill-treatment. For the first nine days of his detention Mohamed El-Baqer was denied the right to have clean clothes, have access to clean water, or take a shower. As of the date of our intervention letter (11 December 2019) he was still not allowed to receive books or letters, use the prison library, pray in the prison mosque, or enjoy outdoor exercise time, and he continues to be held in a poorly ventilated and small cell that does not receive sunlight.

The Law Society will continue to monitor the situation of Mohamed El-Baqer and other lawyers and human rights defenders in Egypt.