The Law Society launched its Intervention Tracker for the fourth time since 2016. This Tracker compiles information on letters sent by the Law Society in 2019 to authorities in countries where lawyers and human rights defenders (HRDs) are threatened because of the cases they work on or the clients they represent.

  • The most frequent type of human rights violation committed against lawyers and HRDs worldwide has consistently been arbitrary arrest and detention.
  • In 2019, the percentage of harassment and threats doubled compared to 2018 and 2017.
  • The highest number of letters sent by the Law Society in 2019 was addressed to countries in North Asia (23%), followed by MENA, CIS and Europe (each 18%), and Latin America (17%).
  • The highest percentage of human rights violations addressed in all letters concerned arrest or detention (47%), harassment or threats (41%), followed by enforced disappearance and assassination (each 6%).

The Intervention Tracker does not include other submissions made by the Law Society, such as UPR reports or amicus curiae briefs, and does not necessarily reflect the situation of lawyers and HRDs worldwide.

See the Intervention Tracker 2019 below: