Our support for you through COVID-19 lockdown and beyond

The Law Management Section exists to provide advice and support for its membership. That is especially the case during times of great difficulty. Some may recall that, in 2009, when firms were struggling through the last recession, we produced a programme a support called “Survive and thrive”, to give our members the support, encouragement and advice needed.

It seems inevitable that the economy is about to experience a recession even deeper than that in 2008/9. Law firms will need every ounce of management strength and skill available in order to win through, together with much support and advice. The issues this time are different to those faced in 2008/9 and require more innovative solutions.

To assist, the Law Management Section is producing a programme of articles, podcasts and webinars which we hope will provide welcome advice and support.

The programme covers four broad subject headings:

  • clients
  • strategy
  • leadership, management and communication
  • financial issues

Each area will be addressed by subject experts dealing with topics as diverse as leadership during lockdown, cashflow forecasting and motivation of staff. We will regularly update this page with new content, and keep you posted through our e-newsletters.

We hope that you find the programme of assistance, and wish you every success in these trying times.

Ann Harrison, chair of the Law Management Section



Webinar: Are you financially fit to manage through a recession? (30 September 2020)


The Law Management Section is hosting a Finance and Business based webinar, focusing on managing your finances through a recession.

Wales and England separated by the sea

Lockdown in Wales: the effect on firms, clients and access to justice

2020-07-23T11:06:00+01:00By ,

In Wales, poor broadband service and a longer and more severe lockdown have had significant impacts on law firms and their clients. Managing partners Clive Thomas and Dr Nerys Llewelyn Jones explain how they have developed their business models to work and serve clients remotely


Webinar: Planning for recovery (OnDemand)


Nick Jarrett-Kerr talks about planning for recovery in these uncertain times in a four-episode webinar.


The new normal: how to prepare your firm for post-lockdown working


Nadia Biles Davies looks at some of the questions law firms need to ask themselves and their people now to prepare for returning to work after lockdown



Loose connections? How to keep in touch with clients


Sue Bramall and Fariha Butt talk about how to keep in touch with clients during coronavirus.



Webinar: The management of people during a pandemic (29 September 2020)


The Law Management Section is hosting a finance and business webinar about people management during the coronavirus pandemic.


Recession-proofing: the benefits of variable costs


David Turney is happy to report that his firm is “virtually” recession proof – because it keeps its costs variable rather than fixed wherever possible. And this approach also results in a happier team and happier clients


Cashflow forecasting: Forewarned is forearmed?

2020-05-31T00:07:00+01:00By ,

Barry Wilkinson and Andrew Harris talk about cashflow forecasting in their new podcast.


Financial resilience for law firms: Should you take up any of the coronavirus financial assistance schemes?


Andrew Allen looks at the potential risks of some of the government schemes designed to support businesses through lockdown, and looks at other ways law firms can ensure their financial resilience during the pandemic and beyond

Andrew Allen

Coronavirus – practical financial and tax guidance to law firms


Andrew Allen collates guidance for law firms to help them through the coming weeks and months when they face the business challenges arising from coronavirus (COVID-19).

Leadership, management and communication

Agile businessman

The invisible revolution: the world of work post-COVID-19

2020-09-17T09:36:00+01:00By , ,

Law Management Section committee members Fariha Butt, Alison Downie and Paul Bennett look at the impact of the pandemic and lockdown on agile working and other working patterns

london finance

Getting back to the office: supporting your people


Nadia Biles Davies looks at the people side of managing a return to the office, including how to manage survivor guilt after redundancy, how to capitalise on new ways of working, and how to win the hearts and minds of a nervous workforce


Why law firm leaders need to take a break


Leader fatigue is a real problem, especially in the current crisis. Leaders who are exhausted and stressed make worse decisions, and risk burnout at the time when their businesses need them most. Simon Marshall looks at the benefits to leaders and their businesses of taking a break


How to motivate your people during lockdown and beyond


Research has shown what motivates people to behave in certain ways. What can law firm leaders learn from the results to keep their people motivated under lockdown and beyond? Katherine Thomas investigates