January 2022



Paul Bennett headshot

Tools of the trade


Paul Bennett, chair of the Law Management Committee, considers the challenges firms face this year, such as the pandemic’s financial implications and using technology to achieve business transformation



Rashmi decisions


Duncan Wood speaks to lawyer, mediator and entrepreneur Rashmi Dubé about her long and varied career running businesses, advising boards, writing her own newspaper column, and why the business world need to become future thinkers


In the line of duty


Alison Downie details new legal duties for employers when it comes to stopping sexual harassment in the workplace

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Smooth operator

By ,

Joanna Kingston-Davies and Mairi Probin explain how firm leaders can ensure easy integration of teams and cultures, post-merger or acquisition


Keeping up appearances


Victoria Moffatt examines the links between compliance and brand, outlining how firms can mitigate reputational issues with a positive compliance culture

Adeola Adesola headshot

Stick to the status quo?


Adeola Adesola examines whether the traditional law firm model can still attract the younger generation

Jenny Screech headshot

A hard market


Jenny Screech discusses the October 2021 renewal of solicitors’ PII, and what to expect for 2022


Knowledge is power


Diana Bentley explores the power of artificial intelligence and examines how firms are using AI technology to their advantage


Key to change


Michelle Howard details how firm leaders can foster an environment of innovation and encourage agility to guide their employees through business transformation


Sting in the tail


Peter Scott examines the financial issues facing firms in the long tall of the pandemic

Elizabeth Rimmer headshot

All in the mind


Elizabeth Rimmer outlines the key finding of LawCare’s Life in the Law report and explains what firm leaders can do to foster mentally healthy workplaces


Identity politics


Many will be familiar with when to obtain identification and verification for new clients, but if the relationship becomes a long-standing one, how often should you be monitoring this? Kate Burt explains

Paul Bennett headshot

In the know


Paul Bennett outlines what firm leaders should be aware of when it comes to SRA expectations of staff conduct, both in and out of the workplace


Case study


Andre Thomas gives his tips for how firms can tackle issues with recruitment of new talent

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