November 2013



Chris Hart

Falling into glory


Law Management Section chair and Wollen Michelmore managing partner, Chris Hart, looks at forthcoming Section winter events


Gary Jones

Office politics


Now that legal business has woken up to the need for overarching operations managers in the guise of chief operating officer or operations director, the sector might be ready for even bigger change. Gary Jones explains

Deborah Atkins

Back to front


Deborah Atkins explains how streamlining back office processes through new technology can free up time for HR staff to focus on attraction and retention, developing fee-earners’ skills and improving client satisfaction

Matt Rhodes

When disaster strikes


The threats from natural or man-made disasters and cyber-hacking make IT disaster recovery planning a critical subject for modern law firms. Matt Rhodes looks at some options for protecting your systems and data

Insider Knowledge

Insider knowledge


Competitive intelligence can help you to avoid surprises, think several moves ahead of your rivals and minimise uncertainty when making business decisions. Graeme Dixon explains how you can set up a competitive intelligence function in your firm

Mark Brandon

Knocked sideways


Making lateral hires may seem like a simple way to grow your business, but if you get it wrong – and most firms do – the consequences could be dire. Mark Brandon outlines the pitfalls, and how to avoid them in your firm.

Andrew Kwan

Give it to me straight


Andrew Kwan explains how and why his law firm, Manchester-based Clear Law Solicitors, reworded its documents in plain English, and the benefits it has brought the firm and its clients

Sue Bramall

Who you know


Your client information is key to generating new business, but too few law firms harness this information effectively. Sue Bramall explains how to use client relationship management tools – from basic spreadsheets to bespoke solutions – to build your business

Building Blocks

Building blocks


Becoming a partner no longer automatically equals a secure and prosperous career; ongoing work on your own skills is essential to long-term success. Ava Madon looks at three key aspects of personal development

Richard Lane

Under the microscope


For the busy manager of a law firm, few things cause more upset than the unwelcome news that the Forensic Investigation Unit is planning to visit. So what should you expect if it happens to you? Richard Lane explains

Ian Brown

Golden Brown


Wosskow Brown managing partner, Ian Brown, on securing new banking facilities worth nearly £2m

Helen Broughton

Private lives


Six months on from the major changes to family legal aid, many firms are still grappling with the move from legal aid to private clients. Helen Broughton explains some of the management and financial challenges, and how to deal with them

Made for each other

Made for each other?


Getting and keeping a corporate client is a lot like the dating game – you have to make your choice, get picked, and keep communicating and giving to keep the relationship going. Diana Bentley offers some tips for finding – and keeping – your perfect partner

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