August 2013



Chris Hart

Getting together


Law Management Section chair and Wollen Michelmore managing partner, Chris Hart, looks back at this year’s Annual Conference


Ian Muirhead

War of independence


Ian Muirhead provides a personal perspective on the Solicitors Regulation Authority decision to allow referrals from non-independent financial advisers, and looks at how law firms can select advisers they can trust with their referred clients

Open season

Open season


Deregulation has changed the legal services market forever. Barry Wilkinson looks at the lessons to be learnt from other deregulated markets, and how law firms can apply those lessons to make sure they succeed

Tim Saunders

Pressed into service


Local papers can be a valuable source of publicity for law firms, at little cost. So how can you maximise the chances of exposure for you, your team and your firm? Tim Saunders explains


Front and centre


With the demographics of the UK changing rapidly, diversity is essential for law firms wanting to attract the best people and meet clients’ needs. And strong leadership is key to achieving this goal. Dr Gillian Shapiro explains

Patrick McKenna

Cause and effect

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In today’s challenging market, most firms will be looking at how they can become more efficient. But this goal may get in the way of a more important one – being effective. Patrick McKenna and Edwin Reeser explain


Set apart


Guy and Chris Setford of Setfords Solicitors on the benefits of moving to a fee-sharing model

Emma Dickinson

Young blood


The Legal Education and Training Review has brought questions about legal careers to the foreground. But many firms remain unsure about whether hiring a trainee is worth their while. Emma Dickinson explains the benefits

Steve Ray

The best policy


Steve Ray looks at how to secure the best terms at the 2013 professional indemnity insurance renewal, and outlines the changes ahead, including the introduction of staggered renewal dates and the end of the assigned risks pool

Richard Burcher

The rules of civility


The cuts to civil legal aid have hit both members of the public and law firms hard. Richard Burcher looks at the strategic options for firms deciding whether or not to continue with civil legal aid work

New Leaf

The front line


In today’s volatile environment, being able to cope with shifts in the market and adapting your firm to stay ahead will be key to success. Julie Harrison explains

Tony Roe

Growth spurt


In June, the Law Society’s Small Firms Division held its first conference, focused on practical strategies for growth. Tony Roe rounds up the sessions at the event and lessons to learn

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