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Firms boost online presence – but who's best at content sharing?


Leading law firms have dramatically upped their game when it comes to sharing content online and engaging with social media, research has found.

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£3bn bill for ‘no-deal’ Brexit


Almost £3bn could be stripped from legal sector turnover by 2025 if the UK crashes out of the EU without a deal according to economic forecasts released by the Law Society.

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 Marketing mix - scientist holding beakers with different coloured liquids

Mixing it up


Do you know how to influence a potential client’s decision-making process so they choose you over a competitor? Neil Quantick looks at what law firms can learn from two key marketing theories: the buyer decision process and the marketing mix

Compete - climbing towards flag at top of mountain

Onwards and upwards


Accountancy firms of all sizes are looking to build up their legal offerings. But will this challenge mid-sized law firms, or drive new ways of working together? And what effect will proposed regulatory changes have? Grania Langdon-Down investigates

Sue Bramall

Pick and choose


What’s the right option for marketing in your firm? Should you have a marketing committee or make a single partner responsible? Should you appoint internally, recruit or outsource? Sue Bramall provides her top tips


The client is king


How can you kickstart your firm’s growth in 2019? Emma Massingham offers a five-step plan for success through focusing on your targets and clients

Barry Wilkinson

Choice morsels


Barry Wilkinson reviews a recent book on how to become the firm of choice, which takes the innovative approach of presenting its lessons through a case study of a firm wanting to make radical change

larry cattle

Sliced and diced


Larry Cattle looks at the value of small insights gained from research with your potential and current clients, and how it can make a big difference to client attraction and retention

Susan Hallam

The highest bidder?


Pay-per-click advertising is now a key part of marketing for law firms, but should you also consider bidding on your competitors’ keywords? Susan Hallam looks at the benefits and risks

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