The issue of how change is managed within a firm, is a challenge all managing partners face. This one and a half hour primer is intended to give you some ideas.

This seminar will be facilitated by;

  •  Robert Banner, chair, Law Management Section Committee and executive director, Banner Jones.
  • Julie Harrison, leading consultant specialising in change leadership, executive coaching and mentoring, Julie Harrison Consulting 
  • Andrew Otterburn, leading law firm management consultant and vice chair, Law Management Section Committee  

The number of attendees will be limited to allow delegates to talk informally and freely about the issues being faced by most, if not all, law firms in the region and to learn from each other’s experiences and ideas. 

Topics for discussion will include:

•Key issues facing firms
•The current drivers for change
•Getting people to recognise the need for change
•Successfully achieving change
•The financial drivers for change – headlines from 2016 Financial Benchmarking Survey.