The Law Management Section quarter two survey is now open to participants. The survey will need to be completed by Friday 16 July.

Quarter two survey

This survey is open to all firms and will run from 30 June to 16 July 2021. 

It is designed to enable you to compare your firm’s operations and performance over the past quarter to other law firms. The more firms that take part, the more trends we can identify and insights we can share.

Completing the survey takes less than five minutes and requires no preparation in advance.

The survey should be completed by a managing partner/CEO or finance director; one response per firm. The anonymised results will be published in early August. They’ll enable you to see how your firm compares to others.

Complete the survey by Friday 16 July.

Quarter one results

Take a look at the quarter one results

In the quarter two report, we’ll be comparing data from both quarter one and quarter two to gain an understanding of the changes firms are making to their:

  • headcounts
  • working arrangements, and
  • office spaces

The quarter two survey is sponsored by Lloyds Bank.