Jonathan Rayner recaps our recent conference on success in an ever-changing world for the Law Society Gazette.

The conference kicked off with a soupçon of cynicism leavened by a generous pinch of optimism. The former was provided by our committee chair Ann Harrison, who remarked that at the same time last year we were focused on thriving despite the uncertainty posed by Brexit. Twelve months later, to everyone’s diminishing surprise, we are still focused on surviving the same uncertainty.

The optimism came from Law Society deputy vice-president David Greene in his opening address: “As lawyers, we will cope with whatever is thrown at us.”

Greene is senior partner of London firm Edwin Coe. Senior partner, he said, is a role that ranks in difficulty with “herding cats”. He has been at the firm for 40 years. “When I tell people that,” he commented, “I watch their expressions change from surprise to horror. Lawyers entering the profession today cannot conceive of staying at the same practice for so long.”