The Legal Services Board (LSB) has proposed a new 10-year strategy for the whole legal sector, and consulted on the proposals from 9 December 2020 and 5 February 2021.

In its capacity as an oversight regulator, the LSB’s stretgy will impact on the profession and the whole legal sector. Key priority areas for 2021-24 include:

  • meeting legal need across large parts of society
  • dismantling barriers to a diverse and inclusive profession at all levels
  • closing gaps in consumer protection
  • supporting responsible use of technology that commands public trust.

Law Society president David Greene said: “We are pleased to see that the LSB’s three strategic themes –  fairer outcomes, stronger confidence and better services – broadly align with the Law Society’s priorities. However, the strategy should prioritise economic recovery and addressing the crisis in the justice system.

While the Law Society broadly welcomes the strategy, we think the LSB could better address the challenges the sector is likely to face in years ahead if it were to:

  • focus on challenges such as access to justice; a diverse and inclusive profession; high-quality legal services and strong ethics, innovation and use of technology
  • strike a better balance across the regulatory objectives
  • adhere to the LSB’s core statutory remit
  • focus on impact.