The Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA) consultation, ‘Looking to the Future: better information, more choice’, proposed a new requirement that solicitor firms should be required to publish price and service information on their websites for certain areas of law relating to individuals and small business customers. We believe that simply requiring more information to be published on websites is unlikely to result in people making more informed choices. 

The consultation ‘Looking to the Future: phase two of our Handbook reforms’ is part of a wider programme of Handbook reforms. Key proposals include allowing self-employed solicitors to provide legal services on a freelance basis without the need to be authorised as a recognised sole practice, removing the ‘qualified to supervise’ rule, and widening the practising address requirements beyond England and Wales to anywhere in the UK. We are concerned about the impact of some of these proposals on the profession and clients. We take the view that flexibility for solicitors should not come at the expense of client protections.