Local JLD groups exist all across England and Wales (although some are branded as trainee solicitor or young solicitors groups). They run events, ranging from lectures, monthly meetings to social events, and offer an opportunity to socialise with junior lawyers who work and live in the area. They are organised and run by junior lawyers in the area.

They can often be a lifeline for trainees who may be alone in their firms, as well as giving junior lawyers the chance to connect and build their professional networks. Many groups are building contacts with other groups representing the junior profession in their area.

These groups also have the opportunity to connect and network with each other, to share experiences and feed into the national JLD policy campaigns. They are also invited to nominate a representative to sit on the JLD national committee. The JLD has in the region of 50 local JLDs in its national committee network, which meets three times a year.

However, please note that local JLD groups are independent of the national JLD and independent of each other. Therefore their membership criteria may vary slightly with some local groups charging a membership fee.

If you are on a local JLD group committee and your local group is not listed or your details have changed please email juniorlawyers@lawsociety.org.uk.

If you are in an area that does not have a local JLD group you may want to consider setting one up yourself. For helpful information, please refer to the JLD local group handbook.