DMA in collaboration with the Government of Kosovo, the Foreign Office and the State Department, is hosting the UK/US-Kosovo Trade and Investment Forum taking place in central London on 3rd November 2016 is hosting the Forum that will also be attended by a senior government delegation, including the Prime Minister of Kosovo to showcase investment opportunities for the UK and other international investors.

Since declaring independence in 2008, Kosovo has developed a robust legislative and tax system, promoting a favourable investment climate. With vast investment potential, including some of Europe’s largest mineral deposits, high agricultural potential and a young, entrepreneurial workforce, Kosovo is extremely well placed to achieve sustainable economic growth.

The delegation will be led by HE Isa Mustafa, Prime Minister of Kosovo, and will include ministers and senior representatives from the key sectors including; Finance, Trade, Energy and Infrastructure. The day will begin with an overview of the Kosovan economy before focusing on the key investment sectors that the country is looking to promote.

For more information about the event and the programme, please take look here.