On 21 April, the CGAE met with the Law Society in London to formalise our cooperation. 

CGAE President Victoria Ortega Benito and CGAE Vice-President, and President of the Barcelona Bar Association, Oriol Rusca met with the Law Society President Robert Bourns and the International team to sign a Memorandum of Understanding and discuss issues of mutual interest.

The Consejo and the Law Society share the goals of protecting and developing the Rule of Law in their own jurisdictions as well as internationally.

In order to account for the growing cooperation and links between our members and the importance of international legal services, together we decided to formulate a Memorandum of Understanding.

The Memorandum will provide a framework through which we can deepen the mutual knowledge and understanding of our professions and professional bodies and continue to develop a positive and mutually beneficial relationship. 

The next step in our cooperation will be a visit to Spain in June 2017 when Law Society President Robert Bourns will participate in the CGAE’s annual conference from 1-2 June and speak on the future of the legal profession.