The European Commission’s DG Trade is consulting on the modernisation of the Free Trade Agreement (FTA) with Mexico. The closing date of the consultation is 25 January 2017.

The consultation takes the form of a short questionnaire in the areas of trade in services, trade in goods and on trade rules. You can access the consultation here:

If your firm is active in Mexico or you have dealt with Mexican cases, and you or your clients have experiences relevant to FTA negotiations in Mexico, we encourage you to make a submission to the consultation. This will be helpful in demonstrating the positive role of lawyers in FTA negotiations.

Mexico is a relatively open market for foreign lawyers, including English solicitors. Foreign law firms can establish themselves in Mexico under their home title, practise international and home law, and employ Mexican lawyers. For more information please see our Doing Legal Business in Mexico guide. The Law Society is not therefore planning to make a submission to this current consultation. However, if you or your firm have experienced any issues relating to your firms’ presence or establishment in Mexico please contact us.