The Law Society Presidnet gives an update on LPP and most recent challenges in England and Wales

After speaking on Legal Professional Privilege (LPP) in England and Wales at the UIA’s annual congress in Budpest 2016, where Law Society President Robert Bourns was invited to contribute to the discussion on the topic with an article in the UIA’s publication ‘Juriste International’ magazine, published four times a year.

Juriste International is read by UIA members and is also distributed in numerous law firms and at bar associations around the world. The magazine is trilingual (French, English and Spanish) and appreciated by numerous legal professionals, regardless of their field of expertise. 

In the article, Robert Bourns emphasis the nature of LPP as a fundamental right recognised by English and Welsh law and the courts, illustrates present day challenges including technological deveoplements, and addresses mounting criticism regarding LPP including the most recent challenge in form of the Investigatory Powers Act 2016.

Read the full article attached.