During the 2019 Commonwealth Law Conference (CLC) in Zambia the Law Society delegation was honoured to attend the opening of a new classroom at a local school.

The classroom at Linda Community School was sponsored by the Commonwealth Lawyers Association and conference delegates in order to ensure the CLC left a lasting, positive legacy in the local community.

The project is supported by the Zambesi Sunrise Trust. The classroom is the first in a two-room block and the Trust is now fundraising for the second classroom with the continued support of organisations who participated in the CLC.

A new fundraising page has been set-up by the Trust at the following link: www.mydonate.bt.com/events/classaction/492295.

For more information about the Zambesi Sunrise Trust and Linda Community School please visit: http://www.zambezisunrisetrust.co.uk/project/linda-community-school/ and http://www.commonwealthlawconference.org/clc-2019-conference-corporate-responsibilit