Whether you work with 10 people, hundreds or alone; in a legal aid firm, a city firm or in-house; recognizing mental health in the workplace has never been so important.

We know that lawyers have higher rates of stress, anxiety and depression, when compared to others.

By understanding the impact, the culture and practice of law can have on mental health, you can take steps to look after your own health and promote positive attitudes in your workplace.

Lawyers are held to high standards of honesty and integrity, which can prevent them from admitting they are struggling for fear this will be a career limiting step.

It is essential for good management to create a culture where staff can be open about their mental health and problems they may have with their work. Creating an open and accepting culture around mental health in the workplace will lead to greater staff productivity and retention.

This webinar will cover:

  • how the culture and practice of law impacts mental health
  • practical tips for self-care
  • practical guidance on creating a mentally healthy workplace
  • the role of LawCare in providing support to individuals and firms.

This webinar is inclusive to Law Management Section members.


  • Elizabeth Rimmer, CEO, Lawcare
  • Kelly Leslie, senior HR manager, Farrer & Co