Gain a wider perspective of the key threats commonly seen and detected by Lloyds Banking Group, Commercial Banking Fraud Management and the City of London Police to ensure you are protecting your law firm from cyber crime. 

Presented by the Commercial Banking Fraud Management team at Lloyds Banking Group together with the City of London Police, you will receive practical advice and guidance to mitigate these risks. 

Benefit from fraud education and awareness to the legal sector specifically around the main fraud Modus Operandi’s (MO’s) targeting the sector, including: 

  • vishing - telephone scams, tactics used by the fraudsters when targeting business customers
  • malware - sources of infection, warning signs and examples of how the Malware operates
  • email hacking - how fraudsters use hacked or spoof senior partner/executive email accounts to dupe victims into redirecting payments
  • advice and guidance - recommendations for preventative controls
  • where to go for further information

Who should participate: 

Managing partners
IT Directors/managers 
Chief executives
Leaders and managers in law firms


Chris Fawcett, manager, Commercial Fraud Risk Management, CB Control Function, Lloyds Bank
A Lloyds Banking Group fraud expert having held responsibility for Fraud Risk Management in the Commercial Banking sector since 2009. Chris has worked in the Banking industry for over 30 years including roles within Retail and Commercial Banking Sectors and Operational Risk & Compliance. 

DI Katie Balls, City of London Police
Katie has over 15 years experience in policing, working in a variety of roles including Intelligence Analysis and Financial Investigation. She is currently the Detective Inspector for the Economic Crime Prevention Centre within the City of London Police, which is the National Lead Force for Economic Crime.