In one of the four webinars inclusive in 2015 Civil Litigation Section membership, Stuart Barlow outlines solicitors’ professional obligations and offers practical advice

It is no secret that the reduction of legal aid has led to an enormous increase of litigants in person and delays in the courts. The increase of litigants in person is ‘not just a family issue’ but has increased across civil cases. Almost all court practitioners will face the unrepresented opponent from time to time.Training on this subject seems to be an essential ingredient of court hearings today.

Stuart Barlow

Speaker: Stuart Barlow

This webinar will inform solicitors about their professional obligations and give practical advice on how to prepare for a court hearing involving a litigant in person.

  • Why do we have litigants in person?
  • Types of litigants in person
  • Points of contact
  • Main areas of work
  • What are the rules?
  • Costs
  • Practical points to consider
  • Court hearings
  • The rules relating to McKenzie friends

This webinar took place on 10 March, but you can listen again via the link below.


Stuart Barlow, Solicitor, Nelsons, Derby

Stuart is a Solicitor and a former Chief Assessor of the Law Society Family law Accreditation Scheme. Stuart has over 35 years’ experience of working in of family law. He conducts most of his own advocacy and has dealt with many cases involving litigants in person.