May 2019

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West side story: Leeds and West Yorkshire regional focus


In a new feature, we take an in-depth look at the in-house landscape in different regions of the UK. In this edition, Diana Bentley visits Leeds, the largest financial capital outside of London, and finds a thriving and expanding business hub - with a highly competitive in-house job market.


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The long read: Privilege in a post-ENRC world


Recent cases on legal professional privilege drive home some key lessons from last year’s SFO v ENRC case, many of which are particularly relevant for in-house lawyers. Alan Sheeley and Emilie Jones look in detail at several judgments, and provide a number of important practical take-away points.

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Don't forget your commas - the importance of language and grammar in contract drafting


Registered European Lawyer Avv. Daniela Licciardo explains why grammar and language are just as important as understanding the black letter law in contract drafting.


Mitigating risk Q&A


Following our successful seminar on mitigating risk in January, we will be running a series of Q&A in which in-house counsel from different sectors discuss their approaches to risk. First up is former Bupa GC Paul Newton, who sat on the seminar panel. He talks educating the business and how ...

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Success story: Which? judicial review of Whirlpool


Frustrated by Trading Standards’ failure to take action over faulty Whirlpool tumble dryers that caused a number of fires across the UK, the in-house legal team at Which? decided to step in and launch a judicial review. Kate Wellington, head of legal operations at Which?, explains how her team used ...

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"Endless opportunities for reinvention": One in-house lawyer's journey from China to the UK


Chinese lawyer Ruihua Wang shares her remarkable journey of requalifying in the UK, how she ended up working in-house, and embracing the ups and downs of in-house life.


Flying high: seven skills for adding value


Swati Paul explains the key skills you need to add value in your role, backed up by two real-life practical case studies from her role as GC at London Luton Airport.