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Don't forget your commas - the importance of language and grammar in contract drafting


Registered European Lawyer Avv. Daniela Licciardo explains why grammar and language are just as important as understanding the black letter law in contract drafting.

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Success story: Which? judicial review of Whirlpool


Frustrated by Trading Standards’ failure to take action over faulty Whirlpool tumble dryers that caused a number of fires across the UK, the in-house legal team at Which? decided to step in and launch a judicial review. Kate Wellington, head of legal operations at Which?, explains how her team used ...


Flying high: seven skills for adding value


Swati Paul explains the key skills you need to add value in your role, backed up by two real-life practical case studies from her role as GC at London Luton Airport.

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Keep it insights


Rachel Brushfield explores the role of insight and client relationship management (CRM) systems in effectively managing and influencing your key stakeholders at work in an organised and compelling way for career success, and shares some practical tips.

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Highlights of the In-house Division Annual Conference 2017


We’ve collated the highlights from our growing flagship annual conference.

Demonstrating value – doing more for less (download the presentations)


Time and resource are precious commodities, especially with on-going pressure on legal spend and an ever increasing workload.

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Webinar: In-house: Why some lawyers are poor negotiators and what they can do about it (OnDemand)


Leadership consultant Ciarán Fenton outlines key steps in developing your negotiating skills as an in-house lawyer.

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Webinar: In-house perspective: how to apply for an ABS (OnDemand)


ABSs continue to grow as businesses are looking to stand out in the market. The joining up of public services is not always backed by legislation which allows sharing of legal services, and local authorities are becoming commissioning organisations of outsourcing work to owned or private companies (and other third ...

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