Task Allocation

Available tasks will be emailed to all IAT members.

If you wish to take a task please respond to the email highlighting the task you wish to undertake.

Tasks will be allocated on a first come first serve basis.


Deadlines for each task will be provided within the email.


Research and drafting are estimated to take approximately 2 hours each.

 Submitting work

  • Please use the appropriate pro-forma forms listed in the section below in ‘Instructions, tips and guidance’.
  • There is an individual pro-forma for research and drafting. 
  • Please note that if you are carrying out the research and drafting for a particular intervention that all work should be submitted. (not just the drafting part.
  • Please check our website when drafting letters to ensure previous interventions we have sent are referred to.
    • For example if drafting an intervention regarding a lawyer from Bangladesh then please check previous interventions to see whether we have previously intervened on that particular lawyer in Bangladesh (if so include reference to previous letter in intervention) and b)whether intervened on any other lawyer/defender in Bangladesh - where we can show a persistent and ongoing problem (again refer to previous relevant cases).
    • Checking the website is essential to ensure that the letters compliment each other.
  • Before submitting your work please rename the files as Drafting + country + name of victim and Research + country + name of victim.
  • Please send your work by the deadline provided to me: marina.brilman@lawsociety.org.uk

Pro bono standards

IAT volunteers must comply with the quality and service standards set out in the Attorney General’s Statement of Principles for International Pro Bono Legal Work, regardless of whether they are lawyers, students or otherwise.

In particular, IAT work should always be done to a high standard (Principle B1a), a response to a request to undertake International Pro Bono Legal Work should be given within a reasonable time (Principle B1b) and volunteers should give IAT work the same priority, attention and care as would apply if the work in question was undertaken on a paid rather than pro bono basis (Principle B2b).

Having difficulties?

If, due to unforeseen circumstances, you have difficulties in meeting the deadline then you MUST inform me by emailing marina.brilman@lawsociety.org.uk. This will allow me to either to grant an extension of time or to re-allocate to another volunteer.

Contact us

If you have any other queries, then please email the Law Society’s International Human Rights Policy Adviser, Marina Brilman: marina.brilman@lawsociety.org.uk

Instructions, tips and guidance

Please refer to the enclosed documents for assistance:

  • Research pro-forma
  • Drafting pro-forma
  • Our mandate: the 8 key questions
  • Guidance for researchers
  • Guidance for drafters
  • Intervention manual 
  • FAQ’s

What happens next to your work?

Research is reviewed by the human rights adviser to make a preliminary assessment of whether the case fits the mandate (unless you have been assigned “both research and drafting” as a single task, in which case do not wait to proceed with the drafting). It is very likely that both tasks will be allocated at the same time - please make sure you check carefully.

Drafts are reviewed by the Senior Lawyers Team.

You may be contacted to do further research or make revisions.

A final assessment is then made by various teams in the Law Society as to whether an intervention fits the mandate or will do more harm than good.

I cannot guarantee that your work will become an intervention. If it does not, your work is still useful as raw data for our country profiles, annual report and lobbying work.