We are always looking for solicitors and students to participate in our work whether it is joining our International Action Team, attending our events, training, engaging with us on policy issues or simply receiving our monthly update.

So whatever your background and if you are interested in human rights then sign up now.

Contact Marina Brilman to join up and for further information:marina.brilman@lawsociety.org.uk.

By joining us you will be able to

  • Receive our free monthly update which will include news on our human rights work, training dates, upcoming events, volunteering and job opportunities as well as updates about the Law Society’s International Action Team activities
  • Keep up to date on human rights issues by following us on twitter, LinkedIn and receiving our regular updates
  • Be part of the International Action Team (IAT) and take action on behalf of individuals and groups whose rights are being violated protect lawyers and the rule of law worldwide by researching and drafting interventions on our Lawyers for Lawyers programme. The mandatory training for the IAT is online
  • Write articles for the human rights section of the website
  • Attend human rights events and training seminars arranged by the Law Society or advertised on its website, social media and human rights update
  • Apply for job, placement, internship or study opportunities advertised on the Law Society’s website, Twitter and LinkedIn accounts
  • Join our monitoring teams to track developments in the law and human rights at home and abroad
  • Contribute to the debate by joining our LinkedIn group
  • Assist in reviewing proposed legislation that may have an impact on human rights
  • Consult with charities and NGOs and lobbying UK or foreign governments on human rights issues
  • Participate in our annual essay competition for students, trainees and junior solicitors