Singapore has a fused legal profession of ‘advocates and solicitors’. Admission to the Singapore Bar is governed by the Legal Profession Act and determinations of admission are made by the Board of Legal Education. The Law Society of Singapore determines fitness of character for admission after applications have been filed. The Law Society is the representative body for lawyers in Singapore.

Practising as a foreign lawyer

Foreign lawyers practicing in Singapore are regulated by the Legal Profession (International Services) Secretariat of the Attorney-General’s Chambers. Foreign lawyers may work as employees, partners or directors in one of the following practice vehicles:

  • As a Qualifying Foreign Law Practice
  • As a foreign law firm
  • A Joint Law Venture (“JLV”)
  • A Formal Law Alliance (“FLA”)
  • As a foreign lawyer in a Singapore law firm

Registration in each case is required with the Attorney General’s Chambers.


In some cases, a non-Singapore citizen can qualify as Singapore advocate and solicitor, as long as he or she meets the requirements under the Legal Profession Act. For further information please refer to the Singapore Ministry of Law.

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