This year marks the 30th anniversary of the Hong Kong International Arbitration Centre (HKIAC). To mark the occasion they are working closely with the co-organisers of HK Arbitration Week 2015 to organise a week of engaging, fruitful and enjoyable events in Hong Kong, from 26 to 29 October 2015. 

Please visit the HKIAC website for the full programme and more information. 

About the HK Arbitration Week

The HKIAC has established the Hong Kong Arbitration Week to celebrate the triumphs and challenges of international arbitration while actively promoting the development of the practice in Asia. Following the dramatic economic growth across many parts of the region, the call for international arbitration has become significantly louder in recent years. Through conferences, luncheons and evening receptions, Hong Kong Arbitration Week seeks to provide a multitude of forums in which users and practitioners can come together to exchange ideas on how best to manage this increased demand for arbitration services. We hope to raise awareness of the latest trends in the field as it welcomes members of the global arbitration community to Hong Kong.

Hong Kong presents the ideal venue for tackling emerging legal issues related to arbitration in Asia. The city has long been a pioneer of supporting arbitration in Asia. It has diligently undertaken legislative and administrative initiatives to establish a robust arbitration framework and to stay abreast of international best practice. Its independent courts have developed significant case law that minimizes destructive interference and maintains a strong pro-enforcement stance. Join us as we gather to share our experiences and thoughts on how to ensure that international arbitration in Asia meets the evolving needs of parties from all corners of the world.

For the full agenda please see the attachment above.