This is a great opportunity for small firm members of our International Division outside of the UK to join a panel at the IBA annual conference in Vienna this year. The panel title is ’What does the future hold for small law firms and what is the role of Bar Associations in helping these small law firms prepare for this future?’.

Panel description: In some jurisdictions many small law firms are struggling with many challenges including profitability and viability issues for a variety of reasons including lack of specialisation, increased competition from within the profession and outside including from claims management companies, alternative business structures, mixed disciplinary practices and the withdrawal or reduction of publicly funded legal services. Other law firms are unsure what are the future prospects for small firms, whether they need to change and how can they prepare for the future. What is the future for small law firms? How do Bar Associations see the future for small law firms and how can Bar Associations help these law firms prepare for the future?

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