The International Bar Association (IBA) is currently undertaking a global survey on access to legal aid in criminal cases and redress for victims of violence in different countries.

The case for liberty

The survey aims to:

• generate insights into barriers to access to legal aid in criminal cased and redress for victims of violence in different countries and the ways that organisations, individuals and governments have sought to overcome those barriers;

• provide resources and examples which can assist in developing strategies and programs for effective change.

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The survey is aimed at those with considerable experience and a broad knowledge of criminal justice issues and/or the law and practice relating to redress for victims of violence in a particular country. Contributions are welcomed from individuals and organisations and we encourage you to contact others who would have a useful contribution to make such as practicing lawyers, academics, NGO representatives, judges, or other suitably qualified people. Experts may be drawn from your own organisation or other organisations. The IBA are particularly keen to receive examples from different countries in the form of case studies, which can be submitted as an alternative to the survey or as an addition.

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Case Studies 

Responses need to be submitted by 31 July 2015.

Further information about the project is available on the Access to Justice and Legal Aid Committee web page.