The Law Society would like to thank all the senior lawyers who came from across the globe to attend the annual International Marketplace conference at the Law Society on 6 October and helped to make it a terrific success!

Delegations came from law firms in Russia, China, Greece, Kazakhstan, Argentina, Brazil, Korea and elsewhere and met with their English and Welsh counterparts to discover opportunities for collaboration.

Marie-Anne Birken, general counsel for the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD), delivered a fascinating keynote address on the role of international development banks in creating legal frameworks in emerging markets, and offered insights into how firms could participate in the EBRD’s work and gain a foothold in emerging markets.

Following this came three panels discussing the changing nature of client-firm relationships, the implications of Brexit for the international marketplace and the relationship between technology and the legal profession. Speakers offered delegates practical advice on how to achieve future growth: “staying ‘client-centric’ will future-proof your company through technological change”, “keep calm and carry on” in the uncertainty surrounding Brexit, and if you want to win new clients, “be an interesting person”.

In his concluding remarks, David Green, chair of the International Committee of the Law Society, praised the speakers’ substantial expertise and backed their view that the near future will be a challenging, innovative and exciting time for the legal profession.

The Law Society was delighted to host our national and international speakers and looks forward to welcoming attendees back for future events. Please remember to fill-in the feedback forms sent to your email addresses, as your comments will inform the content of an upcoming webinar that will be held on the 1st December 2016 as a follow-up to the conference.