Read an overview of the diversity statistics for the judiciary and how to apply for a support programme to support these changes.

The percentage of female judges in courts increased from 25 per cent in 2015 to 28 per cent in 2016, in tribunals it remained stable at 45 per cent.

More than half of all court judges (51 per cent) and tribunal judges (64 per cent) aged under 40 are female.

The percentage of court judges that identify as BAME is five per cent, and nine per cent in the tribunals. This rises to eight per cent for courts and 14 per cent for tribunals for judges aged under 40.

The statistics are changing and the judiciary are supporting these changes.

Later this month the Judicial Diversity Committee will be launching a support programme for judges, barristers and solicitors who meet the eligibility requirements to apply to a high court judge selection exercise which it is hoped will launch in January 2017.

Thirty support places are expected to be available and, as this is a diversity initiative, these will be limited to candidates from areas where we know the judiciary is significantly less representative of society – women, Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic candidates and those from a less advantaged background.