The English-Italian law firm SLIG Law LLP organised a successful seminar on the 11th November at the Law Society to shed light on avenues for business in the UK for foreign markets.

The seminar shed light on legal tools available for business investment in the UK, in the areas such as franchising and individual business.

The General Counsel of Italy in London, Massimiliano Mazzanti, and the Director of Strategic Relationships of the Law Society, Stephen Denyer, opened the seminar by providing an overview on the legal framework in the UK, how Italian buiness can make use of it, and the work of the Law Society in this regard.

Furthermore, opportunities for investments in the UK were presented to the the audience, by focusing on their specific interest in investing in the UK. In specific, the first panel, lead by the solicitors Alessandro Gaglione and Giuseppe Gaglione, touched upon commercial areas, available financial grants and other forms of financial concessions open in the UK for foreign business investments.   

Mariangela Siciliano, Head of Marketing at UK Export Finance, presented the second topic of the seminar, which aims to explaining why the UK is a hub for investments for foreign markets.

The audience was composed of around 40 delegates, in particular Italian lawyers, noties and business investors. The seminar was very well received by the attendees, who were particularly interested in the legal avenues of doing business in the UK and in the main economic markets of import-export between the UK and Italy. 

For more information on SLIG Law LLP (also member of the International Division of the Law Society) or to consult the full programme of the seminar, please access this website