The Law Society, the Conseil national des barreaux (CNB), and the Paris Bar jointly organised a seminar on 11 April. The event was a great opportunity to discuss issues that affect the future of the legal profession in France and the UK, and compare how pracitioners in both jurisdictions use opportunities and tackle challenges.

The first panel discussed the impact of Brexit on the legal profession both in England and Wales, and in France. Moderated by Mickael Laurans, head of international at the Law Society, Louis-Bernard Buchmann, President of the European and international Committee of the CNB, and David Greene, Head of the Law Society’s International Committee and Brexit task force, gave insight in issues of market access and practice rights for lawyers and law firms, and cooperation in civil justice. 

The second panel on Legal Tech shared their view on how to cope with the changing environment for law firms and how it might change the way legal services are delivered in the future. Moderated by Peter Wright, founder an managing partner of DigitalLaw, Dr Pavel Klimov, Chair of the Law Society’s Technology Reference group, and Roy Spitz, member of the European and international Committee of the CNB,  also discussed implications for the legal profession in both France and England and Wales.

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