The Supreme Court runs 12 Debate Days throughout the year. Debate Days take place between 11am – 3pm although volunteers are only required to help between 1pm and 3pm.

As a volunteer, the Supreme Court requires qualified solicitors or barristers. Your role would be to work with either GCSE or Sixth Form students to help them prepare a debate on various topics in relation to cases previously been heard at the Supreme Court. Volunteers are required to help students out with their debate preparation and run a one hour session helping them construct and formulate their argument.

Once the debate has taken place, volunteers are invited to spend some time in a general Q&A session with the students where you will most probably be asked about how you got into law and what your work is like as a lawyer.

You will be working with a member of the Supreme Court staff on the day and information about the debates are always sent out beforehand. The idea is to give students the opportunity to work with professional lawyers; people they would not usually come into contact with thus raising their aspirations and making them more informed about the law and legal careers (of course, in addition to giving them an opportunity to develop their communication skills).

Please note that the Supreme Court is unable to cover any expenses. For more information, visit Debate Days

To register as a volunteer, please email quoting ‘Debate Days’. Please note that volunteer spaces are limited due to the fact that the Supreme Court only runs 12 Debate Days per year. Once spaces are filled, the remaining volunteers who have expressed an interest will be added to a waiting list and contacted at a later date if a space becomes available.