The Nordic and Baltic countries provides international firms and investors with open markets, highly educated mobile workforce, and low start-up costs

With English as the main language for business across the region, it creates an attractive environment for UK and other foreign trade and investment.

They are global leaders in international business rankings such as the Corruption Perception Index, the Global Gender Gap Index and the Global Innovation Index, and the World Bank’s Ease of Doing Business Index.

Being at the forefront of technological progress, transparency, and reforms to improve competitiveness and equality, they have outranked other European countries in many aspects of business.

The Baltics additionally score points by limiting bureaucracy and increasing state incentives for foreign businesses, as well as infrastructures at a price sometimes up to four times below Western standards.

Our comprehensive guide gives you a detailed overview of

  • Main economic sectors and areas for law firms
  • Information about the legal services market in each country
  • How the legal profession in each jurisdiction is regulated
  • What practice rights and requalification options are available

It also includes advice on how to set up a business in the region and contains useful links and contacts that will help you to start your business in the legal markets of the Nordic and Baltic region.