This webinar provides insights into the latest guidance and regulations regarding SuDS and new developments and their impact on you and your clients.

Originally broadcast on Thursday 19 September, this webinar covers:

  • what SuDS are and how they work
  • the need for SuDS and their benefits
  • how to assess a site’s suitability for SuDS
  • the guidance and rules in place for SuDS for new developments
  • how SuDS work and why they’re relevant to property management and new developments
  • the design principles of SuDS, the drainage hierarchy and variation in SuDS suitability
  • overview of the private sewer transfer 2011 adoption of sewers under sections 102, 104 of the Water Industry Act

Speaker: Jason Harper, account manager, Thames Water Property Searches

Before joining Thames Water Property Searches in 2012, Jason was an estate agent for 15 years. He worked with companies such as Hamptons and Savills and was an active member of the National Association of Estate Agents (NAEA), so he knows a thing or two about property.

Jason is responsible for maintaining and building relationships with our customers and helps them by identifying solutions to their search requirements. Jason also delivers valuable training on several topics, including a CPD presentation on SuDS as well as other drainage and water topics.

This webinar is discounted by 20% to Property Section members.