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Family businesses are the backbone of the UK economy and include some of the biggest within it - they are not synonymous with ‘small business’. They do however have a particular set of issues that they need to address, if they are not to succumb to ‘clogs to clogs in three generations’.

This webinar identifies those issues, why they arise and how to best protect against failing to survive beyond the third generation. It looks at the advisers’ role and how that role can be turned into a valuable fee-paying assignment.

It further addresses the attributes that may be appropriate in a successor and above all how the advisor can act as impartial mediator between different areas, with a view to reaching a consensus on ownership and an appropriate governance structure going forward.


Howard Hackney, partner and chartered accountant at Howard Hackney LLP and Phil Whitehurst, partner at DTM Legal

SRA codes

A2 and A4