Join our one-hour webinar to learn about international data transfer and the movement of personal data across systems, networks and borders.

This webinar is discounted by 20% for Law Management Section members.

The event covers data transfers and the European Union, adequacy decisions and the EU / US Privacy Shield.

Transfers of personal data to recipients outside the European Economic Area (EEA) is prohibited under data protection law unless certain safeguards are put in place. This affects all organisations that engage in international transfers, for example, cloud-based services. Such organisations need to implement lawful data transfer mechanisms in order to be compliant.

Originally broadcast on 1 October 2019, this webinar covers:

  • examples of international data transfers
  • EU / US Privacy Shield
  • model contract clauses
  • binding corporate rules and codes of conduct
  • ongoing litigation in EU and US that may impact the current system (including Schrems II).


Peter Wright

Peter Wright is a solicitor and the managing director of Digital Law. He has been advising clients on data protection for over a decade and created Digital Law in 2014 to provide legal and compliance advice to organisations about their activities in the digital arena. 

Peter is the chair of the GDPR Working Group of the Law Society of England and Wales. He is also a member of the Law Society Board and a past chair of the Technology and Law Committee.

Peter is the chair of the Law Society’s Policy and Regulatory Affairs Committee, managing the work of the Law Society’s thirty legal policy and regulatory committees and providing overall strategic direction and vision.