This webinar provides a brief introduction to cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin and discuss how similar electronic forms of money might be dealt with by the courts of England and Wales.

In particular, the webinar addresses how the courts might approach an insolvency affecting a cryptocurrency business. The webinar looks at recent insolvencies involving cryptocurrency around the world to see how other jurisdictions have dealt with these issues.

The webinar covers:

  • what is cryptocurrency?
  • how do legal systems treat cryptocurrency?
  • why is this relevant to legal practice (in particular in insolvency)?
  • recent examples of insolvencies involving cryptocurrencies


  • Marc Brown, barrister, St-Philips Chambers

Marc is a barrister at St-Philips Chambers and undertakes work across a broad spectrum of commercial disputes, with a particular focus on insolvency matters. He heads up the insolvency team at St-Philips and has a particular interest in new and emerging areas of property law, including cryptocurrency and other intangible assets.

An experienced advocate with an exceptional academic background, Marc communicates well with both solicitors and clients. He offers advice that is tailored towards the commercial outcomes sought by the client and is conscious of the business needs of clients as well as the pure legal aspects of litigation.

Marc is regularly instructed in relation to high value and complex cases. He has experience of dealing with cases involving lengthy and detailed factual backgrounds and complex issues of law. He is conscious of the time pressures placed on solicitors and clients and the consequent need for a flexible approach. He also appreciates the value to both solicitors and clients of early in-depth analysis of the issues involved in any particular case. As a result, Marc sees value in taking a proactive and collaborative approach to litigation.

This webinar is discounted by 20% to Civil Litigation Section members.