A list of essay prize winners from the past decade

• 2013 Daniel Carall-Green, Slaughter & May:‘Will the UK Government’s proposed opt-out regime for collective damages actions facilitate redress for victims of competition law infringements to any significant extent?’ (PDF 64kb)

• 2012 William Leslie, Linklaters: ‘Is the proposed removal of the ‘dishonesty’ element of the cartel offence a step too far?’

• 2011 Elizabeth Hookham, Linklaters: ‘Do you agree with the recent ECJ “Murphy” decision? (Cases C - 403/08 and C - 429/08)?’

• 2010 Kimberley Hall: ‘Are there circumstances in which the exchange of commercially sensitive information between competitors should of itself be considered to constitute an infringement by object under Article 101 TFEU?’

• 2009 Anna Biganzoli: ‘Has the EU now evolved to a point where the promotion of the Single Market should have less emphasis in European competition law and policy?’

• 2008 Morris Schonberg: ‘EC Settlements’

• 2007 Tim Capel, Lovells: ‘To what extent are criminal sanctions for infringement of Articles 81 and 82 EC necessary or appropriate and is there a case and basis for criminalisation of Articles 81 and 82 at an EC level?’

• 2006 Wayne Spillett, Lovells: ’How effective will private actions for damages be as a means of enforcing EC competition law in the coming years?”

• 2005 Thomas Smith, Lovells: “Should the European Commission publish guidelines on abuse of market power and, if so, what should be the focus of those guidelines?”

• 2004 David Bailey, Linklaters: ‘What should be the competition enforcement priorities of the European Commission, post-enlargement and post-modernisation?’

• 2003 Jackson of Mayer Brown: ‘According to the European Commission, “Enlargement is one of the most important opportunities for the European Union at the beginning of the 21st century.” Do you agree?’

• 2002 Melanie Hussey, Nabarro Nathanson:’Conflict and co-operation between the USA and the EU in competition law analysis and enforcement - what does the future hold?’

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