In October 2020, the Civil Justice Council (CJC) launched a review of pre-action protocols (PAPs).

The review will look at all aspects of PAPs including their purpose, whether they are working effectively in practice, and what reforms, if any, are required. 

To decide what the review should focus on, the CJC is conducting a survey for feedback and suggestions about the priorities for reform.

The survey is open until Friday 18 December 2020.

The CJC is particularly interested in:

  • how PAPs are working for litigants with limited means
  • the costs associated with PAP compliance
  • the potential of PAPs in online dispute resolution, and
  • the potential for PAPs to be streamlined.

Who should respond?

The CJC is seeking views from anyone with experience of, or an interest in, PAPs including the judiciary, practitioners, litigants, academics, and representative organisations working in the civil justice system.