The Law Society has issued a new practice note for civil practitioners who want to offer unbundled (ie limited retainer) legal services to their clients. 

The original guidance considered unbundling of family law legal services, but has now been expanded to potentially emcompass a wider range of civil law matters, including small personal injury claims, housing law, immigration and consumer claims. The Law Society also suggests that it may not be appropriate where alternative sources of funding, such as legal aid or a conditional fee agreement, are in place.

Law Society president Andrew Caplen said: ”Our ‘unbundling’ guidance has been updated to include a wider range of civil law issues. This will help solicitors serve clients who are facing greater hardship having been denied legal aid as a result of the government cuts.”

The advice explains:

• what unbundling is

• how unbundling can make legal services more affordable for clients

• the potential risks arising from unbundling and how to reduce them.