The Legal Services Board and Legal Services Consumer Panel have commissioned research on fee-charging unbundled legal services.

There is much policy interest in unbundling, and it appears that providers are increasingly offering it. However, there is currently a lack of relevant research, and it is important that providers’ perspectives are included in those explored.

Unbundling services might be structured in various ways – for example, ‘pay as you go’, or a menu of fixed fees for undertaking particular elements of a matter. However, their common feature is that they will involve the client taking responsibility for at least some of the elements which, under a traditional full retainer, would be undertaken by the provider.

Ipsos MORI has been contracted to undertake the study, and isworking with Mark Sefton, an independent researcher.

At this stage, they are looking for solicitors’ firms to take part if they offer unbundled services in civil (non-family law) proceedings, or in respect of immigration (non-asylum) matters, to individuals acting in a personal capacity.

The study is a qualitative one, and taking part would involve a telephone interview, typically lasting around 45-60 minutes.

If you are interested in taking part, please contact Mark Sefton.