On 17 December, the Ministry of Justice published the government’s response to the consultation on proposals to increase court and tribunal fees. It has decided to proceed with most of the proposals for fee increases set out in the consultation

Law Society president Jonathan Smithers said: “The courts should be accessible to everyone at reasonable cost, regardless of their circumstances. The court service must not be treated as a profit centre, used to subsidise other public services. It is wrong to push through increases in court fees on top of those introduced in March 2015 when there has been no assessment of their effect. 

“High court fees contribute to the development of a two tier justice system, they discourage people from bringing legitimate cases and make it harder for some people to get access to justice. Further increases will disproportionately affect people on lower incomes and some disabled people.

“We welcome the decision to keep the maximum fee cap in money claims at £10,000.”


Law Society response to government announcement on court fee increases