Sir Rupert Jackson delivered the keynote at our spring conference on 21 April, addressing proposals for the new form bill of costs, looking at the history, current proposals, criticisms – and the way forward

In his address, Sir Rupert reflected on the proposals of the Hutton Committee to produce a new format bill of costs that integrates three pieces of work:

• J-Codes;

• a multi-purpose electronic spreadsheet; and

• the finished bill.

In his conclusion, Sir Rupert recommended that the Hutton Committee’s proposed version of the bill should be adopted as the new bill format, albeit with references to the J-Codes removed. He suggested that the CPR should allow practitioners to prepare that bill in any manner of their choosing; whether with the assistance of J-Codes, automatically generated by an Excel spreadsheet, or by hand.

Moreover, he recommended that the CPR Committee should choose a future date for the implementation of the new bill, so that any work done before this date could be recorded in the old system and with the old format bill. Work done after this date should then be completed in the new format bill. Accordingly, there would be no retrospective imposition and no need to go through historic information, trying to apply the phase / task / activity format retrospectively.

Sir Rupert’s suggestion was that the new form bill of costs should be mandatory for all work done on or after 1 October 2017, and the voluntary pilot under PD 51L could be extended until that date.

Read Sir Rupert’s notes from his keynote here .